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Mission Trips to Hato Del Yaque

This page contains basic introductory information and answers to frequently asked questions for the mission trips we lead on behalf of First Christian Church of Fort Myers, FL and GO Ministries of Louisville, KY to the small community of Hato Del Yaque in the Dominican Republic.

Upcoming Mission Trip Dates to Hato Del Yaque for 2014

  • July 1st - 8th (all ages)

Basic Information and FAQ

Links to Photos and Videos from Previous Trips

Planning Underway for Summer 2014 Trip


July 1st -8th

Cost of Trip

$750 + Airfare per person (budget for total cost between $1200-1300)


Mixed Trip to include:

  • Construction project team
  • Medical ministry team
  • Children's ministry team


The best way of raising funds for a mission trip is to simply ASK. Ask your friends, family, co-workers ... anyone you know to help support you on this trip, and give them the blessing of being a part of the experience and God's mission. We may or may not do group fundraising, depending on the need and willingness of those in the group to do a group fundraising activity. Please do not let funding stop you from signing up for the trip. God has always come through for everyone who has wanted to go down in the past.


We need to have firm commitments on who is going on the Summer Trip no later than March 15th, so we can begin making plans for the trip. The pay schedule for the trip will be as follows (although you are welcome to pay all at once as well).

  • March 16 - $200 initial deposit (refundable if you change your mind before flights are booked)
  • April 20 - $300 installment (along with initial deposit, this cover airfare, to be purchased at this time and will then be non-refundable)
  • May 18 - Installment Due $300
  • June 15 - Installment Due $350-400 (estimate, depending on flight cost)


  1. A Valid Passport for international travel
  2. Immunizations. Chat with your doctor, we recommend at a minimum an up to date tetanus, your doctor may have additional recommendations
  3. A willingness to work as God calls us for this trip and to be flexible with joining His story
  4. Open to all ages. Approval required for all Children 8 and under

If you have interest in attending any of our upcoming mission trips to Hato Del Yaque in the Dominican Republic please Contact Brian for additional information or with additional questions. You may also contact us via Facebook.

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